Love this, want this - Ochre's Arctic Pear Chandelier. It has been posted about quite a bit, I just discovered it. Ochre is based in the UK (with a store in NYC) and I can only imagine what this creative, gorgeous piece of lighting must cost.

Is it bad of me to want Z Gallerie to be inspired by it?

Purchased these for the bureau in my entry way that I am painting. In light of my desire to reform my procrastination habit and lack of closure with decorating projects (see previous post), for the record I began this painting project right before Christmas. The paint was a bolder green than I had hoped for but now I have a solution without having to re-paint the whole thing.

The hall bathroom is almost completely redone - except for a showerhead (and a new faucet but the current one is ok for now). So I just ordered this Speakman LEED Standard eco friendly 6-jet Anystream.
If it turns out to be great, I'll order 2 more for the other bathrooms (possibly the model that uses only 1.5 GPM as opposed to the 2 GPM of this model)
O.K. - 2 things off the list. Estimating about 222 more to go. Hey, when you have a design addiction you got to keep things in the pipeline!