On this gloomy, rainy Monday here in Nashville, I thought I would talk about lighting. Specifically, the very cool lighting featured in our new Nordstrom store here in Music City. Yes, we finally got a Nordstrom. We are so happy. I can't afford much in there, but did manage to get some Tom's shoes for my daughter. But, back to the lighting . . . I mainly loved the way the store set the mood in different departments with varied options. First up, the men's department.
Once again, my apologies for my iPhone photos. I was ill-prepared.
Love the black metal pendants with copper interiors. So manly.
This was opening day on Friday. It was a zoo, of course. My husband and I snuck in for about 45 minutes before going to meet the kids at the bus stop.

Next, I spotted these little beauties in the women's clothing department (I think) . . .
I could be wrong, but I think they're the Tom Dixon "Etch" pendants from Design Within Reach. Love these.

These elegant crystal sputnik lovelies were in the shoe department. And yes, I did look at the shoes too.

Juniors got the rustic painted iron chandelier.

And, the denim department had these industrial-looking orbs with wire and twine (it looked like twine anyway). I don't know much about retail design, but the lighting definitely made an impression on me. Of course, the rest of the store looked nice too and gave off a very chic vibe. Or maybe I was just so excited that we finally have a Nordstrom, I overlooked any faults.

And since we're on the subject of lighting, I couldn't tell you why, but lately I have been seriously lusting after a Serge Mouille black lamp or light fixture. I don't care which. Here are some examples:

I keep hoping I'll just run across one somewhere for a steal (like $5, ha), and it's just not happening.

I think what clinched it is that I saw one featured in the new Veranda in the family room Windsor Smith (who doesn't love that woman?) designed for the House of Windsor, Veranda's first-ever "concept house" in Los Angeles.

See the Mouille light fixture just peeking out at the top of the photo? This is from the preview party that Cococozy attended.

Another photo of the room from a different angle.

If you have not purchased the new Veranda, do yourself a favor and run out and get it. So much pretty eye candy. This room by Windsor was my favorite, followed in a close second by Peter Dunham's guest room/study (that will require a different post). I thought it showed her versatility and didn't immediately scream "Windsor Smith." I loved the kitchen too, but it was more classic Windsor (dining table in the middle of the kitchen with beautiful mismatched chairs and elegant drum pendants overhead, etc.).

Okay, sorry I've rambled from Nordstrom to Serge Mouille to Windsor Smith all in one post. Whew, I feel a little schizophrenic. But, it was all related. Sort of. Are you obsessed with any particular lighting lately?