This is the entry way to my home. It really is an entry way, not a foyer, as it's only 78 inches from the front door to the wall! I had to stand outside to take the photo. When we moved in the door opened into a closet - one of the first things we did was to rip that out.
This is the bureau I mentioned in my 1/2 way projects/procrastination post. I purchased it for about $100 at Upscale Resale and then managed to wait about 4 years before painting it Floradora by Pratt & Lambert. It felt a bit bold at first but now I find it fresh, working well in the summer and the rest of the year too. I trimmed out the flush drawers with gold metallic paint.

This bird is from Alessandra Branca's store in Chicago. He was only $20. I love his expression.

Below is a faux bird nest and bird, resting in my great grandmother's transferware compote. (thanks Mom) As you can tell I like to be greeted by birds in my entry way.

Here's the original yellow finish - captured when I remembered I had forgotten to take a photo before starting.
Here's a close-up of one of the handles.