This eye-catching round rug with the peacock motif has me contemplating when round rugs make the best sense?

At first what came to mind was the image of a round braided rag rug in front of a roaring fireplace with a sleeping cat...

However it looks like circular rugs may be having a resurgence. Round rugs may be just the thing to:

(1) define an intimate living space, such as furniture grouped for conversation

(2) to break up all the rectangular lines of a room

(3) to add interest to a room, possibly layered over a rectangular rug or a wall-to-wall treatment and

(4) to echo a round shape in either a piece of furniture or the architecture of a room.

Image via New York Social Diary, Carlos Aparicio, architect and fine furniture dealer. The rug echos the shape of the table and you can see from the following picture of this very large room it adds interest and defines the seating areas. (photography by Jeffrey Hirsh)

Images via Katrina of PuglyFeet the Blog - The round rug breaks up the rectangular entry space and the circular rugs make this hideaway reading corner even more special.

image from House Beautiful via Desire to Inspire. This round rug plays off the bay shape of the windows and curved banquet seating.
This 30" round printed rug from Urban Outfitters is $14! I could picture it in a bathroom over black & white tile. Below is a full shot of the 60" Peacock rug priced at $48.

Anthropologie's Dream Menagerie rug. 2.5' diameter $78, 5' diameter $298. Wouldn't this be adorable in a baby's room in front of the crib?

Flor's Fuzzy Button in Fuchsia, 39.5" diameter, $54.99 for this 4 tile rug. Also available in orange, blue and green.

Round Braided rug from West Elm, 8' diameter, $249