I love Bombay Saphire gin bottles. Come to my house and you'll notice them on shelves, on display, etc - just love them. It started me thinking; could I find a useful purpose for them? My husband was against the idea of a glass bottle and pourer for dispensing dishwashing liquid (Martha Stewart's innovation), but since a hand soap pump is meant to be stationary I got the idea to combine a soap pump + gin bottle.The first picture is my second attempt - using the clear plastic pump from Trader Joe's Next to Godliness handsoap. I prefer the label left on because it's so pretty. Here's my first attempt - using the green pump from an old Cucina hand cream dispenser. This is the no label version for those who don't want to be constantly reminded the bottle used to contain gin. Both of the pumps fit perfectly on these screw-top gin bottles.

The tube from the Cucina hand cream was too short. However, you can solve that by adding a plastic straw over the original tube. Works perfectly. I have these shown in my kitchen but they are just as lovely in a master bathroom or powder room (not sure about the glass in a kid's bathroom.) Wouldn't the Bombay Sapphire bottle look beautiful on carrera marble?
Now I'm on the look-out for a pump dispenser for this very pretty Patron Citronge bottle. (Keep in mind the bottle needs to be a screw top style.)
Pairing bottles with pourers is one of Martha Stewart's Favorite It's a Good Thing. Maybe Dan will eventually change his mind...