I'm sure we all know the old saying, "Good things come to those who wait." I think it rings true . . . in some cases anyway. In this particular case, I'm referring to a chair. Of course, I would be talking about furniture.

Does anyone remember this chair?
My friend Becky snagged it at a tag sale back in March, and I had major chair envy. For several months now, she has moved it all around her house and thrown numerous fabric swatches on it, but finally decided she didn't have the right spot for it. So, being the good friend that I am, I offered to buy it from her for the same amount she paid. Selfless, I know.
So, now it sits in my entryway, waiting patiently for its makeover. As it is a single chair, I think I will leave it here for the time being even though it seems a little lonely. I love things in pairs (as I have blogged about ad nauseam), but there's also something appealing about a single chair that can be pulled into another room when the mood or need strikes.

I really like the fabric that's currently on it - a turquoise and cream velvet that has striations like moire silk - but it is beyond faded and stained.

Since this chair could be used in various rooms as needed, I'm actually thinking of going with a black and white or dark gray and cream fabric. Very unusual for me. Maybe I'm turning over a new design leaf.

Of course, I love what interior designer Celerie Kemble did with very similar (if not identical) chairs.

It might be hard to tell from this photo, but the fabric Celerie used is an ikat pattern that seems to have a very small repeat. Most of the ikats I run across have huge repeats and thus are not appropriate for this rather thin, waif-ish (if that's even a word) chair. It's sort of like the Kate Moss of chairs -  whip-thin but full of style.

I really love the look of the fabric on these chairs by interior designer Meg Braff.
I'm not sure what fabric it is, but I know I've seen it before and it's expensive. So here are some options I came up with . . . 
Chipper in Charcoal by Premier Fabrics

Togo in black and white also by Premier. This one reminds me of . . . 

This ikat fabric from Fabricadabra. Of course, it's only 15 inches wide. That may not work.

Leopard in black also by Premier Fabrics

Kenya Black Fabric from Ballard Designs. I like the ikat leopard effect of this one.

Are any of these appealing or am I just going through a phase? I think I should decide on a fabric first, then that will determine what color the legs should be. Also, I would do the piping either in black or a contrasting color (and maybe match it to the legs?).

And, in other chair news, I've hit a few roadblocks while trying to re-do the bamboo chairs for my breakfast area. That's another blog post altogether. Let's just say, I didn't inspect the chairs as well as I should have before purchasing. Details coming soon . . .