Let's talk about credenzas, shall we? What? You think they're boring? Oh no, no, no. As I mention in the title, they are the workhorses of the furniture world. And can be so pretty as well as functional. So, what got me on this credenza kick? Well, specifically, I worked on a design board for a client recently who wanted some ideas for his law office in a beautiful new highrise in downtown Nashville. I suggested that one wall feature a credenza instead of the bookshelves he currently has and doesn't utilize. Observe:

Current set-up:
He currently uses the shelves as storage or to organize stacks of papers. A credenza would afford him hidden storage while giving him more surface area to lay out papers when needed. Plus, it's nice to look at . . . win-win.

One of the main things I love about credenzas is how versatile they are. Of course, they work in office spaces as noted above, but they're also great throughout the house. Looking for some cool piece of furniture to put your TV on? Credenza.

My own Mastercraft credenza in my basement . . .

Have storage needs and some extra space in your entryway? Credenza.

Need some place to serve food and store dishes in your dining room? Credenza (in this case, also called a sideboard or buffet. Whatever).
Need some storage anywhere? You get the point. Plus, it's just a fun word to say.

The newly painted credenza in my office . . . 

There are literally thousands of designs out there to suit every taste and budget. I tend to prefer the vintage or mid-century modern versions because of their clean lines and unique details.

Do you have a favorite credenza? Do tell . . .