Do you hear that? Time is running out. The school year is almost over!

If my summer looked like this, sure, I'd be ready. Let's go jump off a boat into the ocean, shall we?

Seriously though, May 21st is my children's last day of school, and I heard the bus driver greeting them this morning with "8 more days!" Eight more days?! That's it. And one of those is field day, one's a field trip, one's a graduation/ceremony. That leaves precious little time for getting stuff done without my kids constantly asking "do we have to          (usually it's leave the house to run errands) " or "can we please          (go eat ice cream or other junk food)?" Don't get me wrong, I have them enrolled in camps and we've got lots of fun and free time to luxuriate in, but boredom can set in pretty quickly in these parts. Camp Mom is never as fun as it should be. So, before I go softly into that good season of full-time kid wrangling thought I'd share some photos of happenings around here . . .
Okay, so this is a ridiculously bad photo. But, trust me, it was the Black Keys concert on Friday night here in Nashville. Much fun was had by all, except walking back to the car in the rain.

New beauty products, tulips, a new magazine and Trader Joe's all make me happy. I'm lame, I realize.
Aren't they pretty?

Then I just went to Homegoods again looking for nothing in particular. Honestly, I went in to use the facilities (TMI?). So, of course, I find a ton of stuff . . . 

Some pretty rugs . . . none of which I or any of my clients need right now. 

Then, a rug I couldn't decide if I liked or not. It's one of those nylon deals . . . 
This rug was literally moving on that big swing arm thing when I snapped the photo. So, if it's fuzzy you'll understand why. 

There was some cool original-looking (it was all textured, etc.) abstract art from some Australian artist named Sarah Brooke. Huge. Square. Lines. 

And now, for pillow-pa-looza. Honestly, if you find pillows a snore you might want to look away. I think HG has been stepping up the quality a little bit on some of its pillows lately. More down-filled options and natural fabrics. Always a good thing. I got a little carried away snapping photos . . . 
Nice simple link detail edging on this black pillow. And in cream and navy. . .

A little lumbar chevron action. I bought these same pillows except in a square version a while back for a client.

You know I love a good pagoda. I used my leg as a propping device.

 Some embroidered modern ikat. Pretty colors.

 I always like a little faux bois.

 More graphic ikat. And in a convenient two pack. Look they match my toes!

Speaking of graphic, these black and white ones almost came home with me. My only hesitation is that they have yellow piping (sort of like the ribbon wrapped around them). Couldn't decide. Plus, the check-out line was ridiculous (it was the lunch hour).

Also, liked this little leopard lumbar number. I think it was the acid yellow/green spots and charcoal combo.
A little metallic cowhide, just because.

And, lastly, for some reason I was digging on this geometric honeycomb/hexagonal linen and plum pillow. 

So, if you need some pillows (or any of the other stuff), go get you some (or if you'd rather I do the shopping for you . . . I can do that too - just shoot me an email). 

If you're a mom or you have a mom or know a mom, have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! I may or may not return before then. Tick tock.