While I hate the current trend to find a way to fit the word actually into every sentence, I actually did finish sewing the Greek Key trim on yesterday (if you saw Wednesday's post) but more about that later...  Remember the blue sofa from my basement that I "shopped"for my living room?  Well, here it is back from my all time favorite and best upholsterer, Style-Rite Upholstery.  The dilemma was I didn't have enough of the original fabric purchased years ago, now discontinued, so I found a gorgeous Baker Furniture cut velvet at Haute Fabrics.  I also had Mel change the skirt to drop directly from the bench and to create new box back cushions that were a lower profile than the originals. So here's Version #1: all sides showing w/the nubby gold linen type fabric.

Version #2:  The cut velvet showing on the pillows

Version #3:  The cut velvet showing on the back and seat cushions  (my "winter" version)

And Version #4, my personal favorite, with just the cut velvet showing on the seat cushions.  I can not tell you how soft this fabric is!

So, back to sewing on the Greek Key trim.  It took 1.5 hours - with a good chunk of that trying to thread the needle and re-thread as needed.

I used a dove gray thread and did a blind-type stitch so you can't even tell it's there.

Compare that to the trim on the curtains that I used both iron-on tape and fabric glue.  I know there are people out there that are very good at using those products but I don't happen to be one of them.  So, some rainy day in the fall I"m going to take these curtains down and hand sew the trim on.  I figure I can get them done in two re-runs of Downton Abbey :)

And, if you're in the DC area and want the best upholsterer around, give Mel at Style-Rite a call.  Here's one of the other sofas he did for me.  Hope you have a great weekend!