Whew. December is here. Agggh. My kids were out all last week (ridiculous to have a week off for Thanksgiving, but I digress), we were out of town for a good portion of that week, then I returned home and got sick. Yay! But, the show must go on. I have been busy preparing for my Holiday Pop-Up Shop Thursday night and Friday. Please do come out if you're in the Nashville/Franklin area (see details below). Lots of goodies to be had. I'll be sharing sneak peeks on Instagram as well.

Now, on to Gentleman's Gray. Do you ever notice how once you buy a car or a sweater or anything, you start seeing it everywhere or at least a lot more than you did before said purchase? Well, in this case, it's a color. I've been working with a client on her office, and I suggested we go dark and dramatic since the rest of the house is more neutral. Dark blue is an accent in other rooms, so it seemed the logical choice. After painting some swatches on the wall, she went with my suggestion of Benjamin Moore's Gentleman's Gray. I must say, it looks amazing. While the room is not done yet (still needs some more furniture, lighting, accessories, draperies, etc.), I just snapped an "in-progress" photo the other day to show the room color.
Isn't it so pretty? To give you an idea what a difference paint can make, here's the before . . . 
Dramatic change, right?

So, I get my House Beautiful last week, and one of the features is designer Scott Meacham Wood's apartment in San Francisco. The color of his main living room? Gentleman's Gray, of course.
His room looks more teal but either way - same color supposedly. 

Then yesterday my friend Sissy from Blue Hydrangea blogged about her husband's office that she recently had painted. Of course, I loved it and commented that I had used a dark blue for a client called Gentleman's Gray recently. Well, she emailed me back because that was her color too. All that is to say, that if you're looking for a pretty, rich dark blue (have no idea why they call it gray??), this is a great choice. 

Now, on to the sale. Please see the details below . . . if you have any questions, please email me.

If you come Thursday night, there's a chance I might even have some wine. Hope to see you there!