These beautiful blue hydrangeas wilted after only 2 days, much too soon to accept their demise!  After a quick internet search, I came across 2 solutions, (1) cut the stem and put immediately into just boiled water for a few minutes until returning to vase or  (2) plunge entire bloom and stem into ice water and leave in as long as necessary.  I tried the first method and it revived all the blooms except for one.  Then the still-wilted flower got the ice bath treatment and after 2 hours it was ready to join the other perky almost-new blooms.


So MUCH better!

My son comes home from college Saturday so we'll be going all out with decorating around the house. I'm happy that he wants us to wait until he's home to get the tree :)

Loving this wreath inspiration via Spaces Kansas City 2012 (facebook here) and all the amazing things I've been pinning to my Christmas board!