This is the beautiful view you're greeted with when you walk into Valerianne - a luxury home finishings boutique that opened their second store in Vienna, VA in May '08. Walking through the store is a real treat as you are surrounded by beautiful bedding, accessories and furniture displayed in such a way as to get you pondering what you could do differently back at your own home! The owner, Aimee Wedlake, was in the Scottsdale store when I visited but want to be sure to say thanks to Trish for giving me great background info on the unique pieces they carry.
Valerianne represents over twenty designers - the gorgeous pillows on the bench from Bliss Studio, Union of Art, Anichini, and Aviva Stanoff ($140-300) are combined together for a custom design. The blue/gray pillow with the orange horse is actually an Arabic love poem. The horse is made up of the words. I love the mix of traditional and contemporary and the color combination.
I am completely in-love with this pink and brown Osbourne & Little wallpaper. The first picture is a better color match than the close-up below. Couldn't you see this paper rescuing a 1950's pink bathroom and taking it to a whole other level?

There are a number of unique hand blown glass lamps in the store. The clutches are original textile designs from two Chicago designers. Love the orchid in the cement pot in the background.
More gorgeous bedding - these pillows are hand made in India.

This faux potted orange tree is striking on this Oly bedside table. The pillows from Aviva Stanoff are really interesting - they are actual leaves specially treated and hand applied to the fabric.
An Anichini pillow - one of my favorite pieces in the store.

There are also a number of unique pieces of artwork in the store. The four botanicals are from a university in France in the 1800's and the piece just above is an original hand painted wallpaper rendering, circa 1900 ($612). Valerieanne carries Santa Maria Novella - a line from a 15th century pharmacy in Florence, Italy. The pomegranate is terracotta infused with the essential oil of pomegranate and the scent lasts well over a year! ($60)

Sorry for the poor photo but couldn't resist posting a pic of these cotton/silk blend p.j's (especially since Mother's Day is coming up) Love the pewter color - wondering if you could get away w/wearing the top paired w/a pair of slacks for an outfit you wear out??

Valerianne is located at 111 Church Street in Vienna, VA - look up from the sidewalk as it's in a lofty, bright space on the second floor. You could make an afternoon out of shopping there and at a number of the other great stores in that part of town.

Also - Thank you to Terri Sapienza for including my posts on the DC Design Center showhouse in the recent Blog Watch Picks to Click this week. I appreciate it! Also featured were Fly Through My Window, Pink Wallpaper and A Life's Design.