A very interesting email arrived... "I too was a management consultant for 20 years but left it all behind to renovate a couple of caves on the cliffs of Oia-Santorini." It ended with Wave from the cave~

Renovate a couple of caves? Leave the corporate world behind? You see Michael of Oia Santorini had a dream that spanned over 20 years, a dream to wake up each morning to a spectacular Santorini view. Above is one of the two cave homes he and his family are renovating. Love this blue door. Below is the spectacular view of his dreams.

His blog, Oia Santorini, is about "adventures, trials & tribulations, sheer joy, wonder, frustration, inspiration and self discovery..." Below is a picture of the mules who move away the dirt and the rocks, bag-by-bag.

A special application of plastic and mesh prevents moisture problems that can cause the interior paint to peel away in the winter.
I'm looking forward to following this blog as the renovation continues and to vicariously enjoying these incredible views along the way.

Cheers to dreams, to paths contemplated, to journeys taken!

(all copyrighted photos posted with permission, Oia Santorini)