Click here to watch House & Home's premier episode of H&H Online TV. (***If you get a message that says access denied, just click again on that statement and the show will load.)

This 13 minute show features:

Senior Editor Meg Crossley's bright and budget conscious renovation of her basement. Her reno was featured on the cover of their most recent Before & After special publication.

DIY & Thrifter Michael Penney turns mirrors into chalkboards. I think he makes a good point for using a mirror for a chalkboard since it's already framed.

Food Editor Claire Tansey shares her favorite pastry recipe.

I know this post sounds like an infommercial for House & Home but after the depressing news of Met Home's demise, it's great to see this well respected magazine broadening their brand and hopefully their online advertising revenue. So click away and support H & H's new online TV!

- This is my personal opinion and I do not receive any form of compensation for this endorsement.