a little like Christmas around here. Now that the tree is done, I've been decking the halls a little more. This weekend we finally took a photo for the old Christmas card (yes, I'm a bit behind schedule). I've ordered the cards online, now I just have to wait for their arrival and then disperse them post haste. For those of you on my Christmas card list look away now, as I am about to share the photo that won the coveted spot:
Yes, my children are shoeless, but this is the best we could do. Honestly, getting two kids and two dogs to cooperate long enough for a photo shoot where we got maybe two useable photos about sent me over the edge. Oh, by the way, we have a cat but there was no way he was getting anywhere near this bunch.

We also got in the Christmas spirit this past weekend with some holiday traditions. The kids visited Santa at the mall . . . 
Such natural smiles.

And Matt and I watched this . . . 
We LOVE Love Actually. Every year, we have to watch it to kick off the Christmas season. If you haven't seen it (which I'm sure you have), you must. This is definitely not a kid-friendly film however, so the children were watching Ramona and Beezus in another room. 

And here are some little bits of Christmas I've sprinkled around the house so far.
I just dragged these out of a box and onto the dining room table. Not really styled or cohesive.
I've had these old-fashioned snowmen for years. I move them around the house every year, but put them on the entry chest for now. I like to stick Christmas cards in my mirror so it's the first thing I see upon entering. Makes me happy.
The mantel needs more sprucing. This is just some roping I bought at Trader Joe's with some other random things and our stockings of course. I bought these wool felt Hable Construction stockings from Garnet Hill a couple of years ago. Love them.
And last but not least, some yummy treats I found at Whole Foods the other night. I know people make these but I'm too lazy. They are delicious!
Throw these in a bowl, and you're ready to entertain!

How about you? Have you gotten in the Christmas spirit yet?