Sunday at the Georgetown Flea Market I bought this modern brass light fixture for $130. The dealer told me it came from an estate sale of a couple that lived in a contemporary home full of art. It will need to be rewired and sleeves replaced but I was enamored with the scale and the circles and thought it would look wonderful lit.

Here it is against the bare wall. I envision a large scale mirror behind it. This metal console table is a favorite of mine but I don't think it works against the dark brown walls or with the fixture. I think this light fixture would look better sitting atop of a raw or worn wood console that is just a bit taller.
Here's my dining room a month ago. The $40 flea market tremeau mirror has found a better home in my living room and I never really cared for the sconces here. I did love the contrast of the concrete french planter against the walls though.
Here's the room this past summer. Love this mirror but it didn't seem tall enough and it has also found a better place in my house. (other pics of my dining room here)

So, your honest opinions of my light fixture? Oh, did I mention that my kids and husband think it's weird.

(p.s. if anybody has any ideas on the maker of this light, I'd love to hear about that too. Was it custom or mass produced?)