I knew if my mojo came back good things could happen. This morning on a tip from my friend and neighbor Becky I darted out the door to an unadvertised estate sale (well, not advertised where I usually look anyway). I had to hurry because I was meeting a door salesperson at my house for an estimate around 10. I left my house at 9:38 and returned at 10:10 (no worries, I alerted the door guy I might be a few minutes late). I shop fast! I returned with this . . .
Yes, it's another chair. I know, my husband might kill me but I was drawn in by the x-bench. I mean, come on . . . it's an x-bench, people. 
They were selling it as a set so I just had to get both. Like I said, the bench pulled me in, but I like the size, shape and scale of the little club chair too. And it has cute little casters. 
Please ignore the dog hair on the rug. It's ever-prevalent right now as Zoe is shedding like crazy.
The upholstery while not horrible is not exactly what I'm going for and despite the photos where it looks almost pink and close to my rug color, it's actually more of a burgundy/garnet color. Oh, but where to put it? What fabric? Should I split them up or keep them together? Oh, such fun decisions!

Now, on to a little DIY project I've had going on over here. Behold, my new gold-leafed cabinet:
Just to remind you, here's what it looked like before:

As you may recall, I have been going round and round about what to do with this cabinet. I've always hated the red-toned wood stain especially against our orange-stained floors (which I will re-do at some point, mark my words). At first, I was going to paint it black, but then I thought I might paint my mantel black (which I'm still planning on doing, but wanted to do this first) so I didn't want them both to be black since they're in such proximity to each other. Then I thought about a creamy-white to match my molding but I wasn't sold on that idea either. Then, inspiration struck in the form of Worlds Away. Here's a photo of one of their cabinets . . . 

And my cabinet again. I'm really liking it!
Please don't look too closely as it is far from perfect, but I was kind of going for an aged gold look anyway. Not a fan of distressing or antiquing anything usually, I put a glaze on after I gold-leafed the whole cabinet (quite the ordeal, I assure you) and doors. Maybe my favorite part is how I took the glass out and sprayed it with this which I FINALLY found at my local Ace Hardware store:

It took it from clear glass to a mirror-like finish which conceals all the ugly components in my cabinet (see above). Brilliant. 

I hope everyone else's mojo is intact, and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!