A blue and white moment, that is. Well, it's probably more than a moment. Maybe I should call it my "blue (and white) period." Whatever you want to call it, blue and white pottery/china/ceramics have always been a classic and traditional decorating staple, but now they're starting to show up in more modern interiors which I love. My most recent additions are two jars/vases from a local antique shop that were 50% off - so, I got these two rather large pieces for just $25. Not bad, I thought.
The smaller jar holding the tulips I got during a trade with my sister. You can see the details here.
Obviously, the Champion Cobalt blue of my dining room is a nod to these lovely Asian ceramic pieces. And, can we just talk about the elephant in the room? No, really, there's actually an elephant in my living room now . . . 
Isn't he cute? I just couldn't resist. Picked him up for $6.99 at another little antique mall. Oh, yes, more blue and white. Oh, and did I mention there's a big estate sale tomorrow just loaded with the stuff? I wonder where I'll be come 9 a.m. tomorrow?

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