On Mother's Day I received a camera and as soon as I solve my computer problem I'll be able to post an update on my kitchen. If you could see a pic you'd notice that my kitchen, even with the basement staircase removed, is still too narrow for the round kitchen table I had in the space since Thanksgiving.

Right now the placeholder, my grandmother's drop-leaf shaker table, is the perfect size only when the leaves are down - 2o"W x 42"L. This renders it pretty much useless as a sit-down table but it's great for food prep except that it's table height!

So, now I am on the hunt for a very narrow kitchen island. Here are just a few inspiration pics. My preference is for one that looks like the one above but with a stone top and open for storage as opposed to the cupboard style of the last one. (Above by Ili Nilsson, Atlanta Homes Magazine)

Lea Michelle's new kitchen (before buying the house) via Elements of Style.

Designer Megan Perry Yorgancioglu via Mix and Chic.