I have trouble with goodbyes. When they come, I tend to linger...to pine for what was... and so it is with my goodbye to Summer.

I know, Fall brings crispness and energy, sharpened pencils and apple orchards, Halloween and a chance to wear sweaters and corduroys. But if had to choose between cute leather clogs and a pair of flip flops, the latter one please...

Considering that I have trouble with goodbyes, it is fitting that I am just now ordering outdoor fabric for my patio furniture. One must keep hope alive for an Indian summer.

Arrivederci to summer - until we meet again in 2009.

I chose the french blue floral from Lewis & Sharon - LS Fabrics

Goodbye to summer breezes.

Image taken of pg. 66 Aug. 2008 issue Country Homes & Interiors, August 2008, Designers Carol Wortley-Bishop and Louise Rastall, photography by Spike Powell

Time to put away the straw bag and pull out the leather purse.

Bags from Queen Bea Studios - love them!

Thanks Summer '08 - it was great!

This image and first image via Ideal Home