A large flower arrangement began to wilt so here are two little "salvaged" bouquets. Also shown is one of my favorite aluminum trays - I have a growing collection. If you're curious about their interesting place in American history check it out here. Made primarily in the 30's - 50's, many didn't make it through the WWII era when metal was scarce.

Months back I purchased a transferware compote (although it looks like a dish in this photo) from And George. The tag noted it was from Italy. I fell in love with the pattern, sighed when I saw the price, and decided to buy it anyway. So glad I did - I would have missed it if I didn't

The photo below has me wondering how to put the pattern from the compote onto a wall...hmm?

Image of the Willow Pattern via The Stencil Library, found via Is It Nap Time Yet? and now I can't find the link to that great blog!

Just saw this picture on Katie Did and had to add it to this post. Love this painted mural!

Southern Accents, July - August 2008, designer Phoebe Howard, photography by Roger Davies.