My friend M's house is a lesson in details. When you visit you find yourself repeatedly exclaiming, "Where did you find this?!" A few years ago they embarked on a major renovation of the home, and without extending the footprint, completely transformed their 1950's interiors - all with an eye for the details. The kitchen remake included incorporating in this 100 year old stained glass cupboard, formerly used in a pool hall/tavern. An antique scale to the left of the sink holds fruit.
This silver and tortoise shell heirloom piece, found in London, is a gift from her father-in-law. Great taste runs on both sides of this family. This is the most stunning tray I've ever seen.

Love the backsplash tiles above the stove.
M found this antique Italian alabaster chandelier on ebay! That's another one of her talents - finding great pieces from all kinds of sources.

Another incredible silver piece from Portobello Rd. Check out the quality of the engraving below.

A signed Warhol on diplay in the billiard room to the left of the mantle The billiard room was a former sitting room entirely transformed to meet the needs of her two teenage sons and their friends. I wish I had taken a better picture of the lighting - there are three shaded fixtures centered over the pool table. The sword over the mantel is a civil war piece. To the right of the mantle, the strong coloring of the Warhol is balanced by a strong colored, graphic photo.

The cow fur on the cushion picks up on the cow skin accent rug under the pool table. The art on either side of the window creates an optical illusion - changing depending on what angle you view it from.

Love the red & white leopard print fabric on this chair. Unexpected and fun. The embossed leather foot stool picks up on the faux embossed leather on the recently reupholstered couch. More great details below - feather and moss balls in a silver dish.

Her husband's uncle's spurs on display above.
More finds from Portobello Rd - a tea box above. The pieces below are in narrow built-ins between the kitchen and dining room which was a great use of space.

Even blankets are housed in unique pieces. I love it when you visit someone's house and you find their personality and history all through it - I think my friend's house is a perfect example of that!
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