Oh my...isn't it interesting how a picture can make you talk to it? "Oh my!" - just what I said when I saw this beautiful vintage desk featured in Living etc August 2008. This reaction was also quite similar to the one I had when I saw these antique Swedish bureau's from Brooke Giannetti's (of Velvet & Linen) store - click here to see more.


Oh my - also my thought when the talented Michelle of A Schematic Life tagged me for 6 interesting things about myself. So here goes...
* I qualify for Irish citizenship as my grandmother was born in Glenbeigh Co. Kerry. My father's cousin still runs the family farm.
* I am frequently a procrastinator. That is why I still haven't filled out the paperwork to have my name added to the Registry of Irish Births. However, I feel some closure coming on and will get going on it this week - especially since a colleague of mine is currently pursuing consulting opportunities in Ireland and I'd love to work with him on some of those projects (if you're reading this D.D I'll get going!)
* I love snow. We just got 6 inches of it today - yeah!
* I can't sing at all but I can dance.
* Occasionally I can be a bit too frugal. One time I decided to save money by buying Just for Men instead of L'Oreal hair color. SO NOT GOOD! I looked like a woman who put shoe polish on her head. I guess there is truth in the advertising of that brand name - it really is just for men!
* I've never had cable tv and I don't plan on getting it. Our new HD converter box works great - we now we have 16 channels for free, including a winter sports channel that features European bobsled races. It's eight more chanels than we used to have.
Also, we don't have a microwave. My parents bought one of the very first microwaves and I used to entertain myself by standing right in front of it watching slices of cheese bubble up. I figure I received more than my lifetime allowance of radiation from that microwave!
Now for the 6 bloggers I'm tagging -

Below is one of Michelle's rendering of a beautiful bedroom designed by Patricia Gray.