I found this little side table for $3 at a yard sale at the beginning of summer. 8 x 12 and 20 1/2 inches high, it's the perfect size for my living room couch. Not too big but large enough to be useful. I especially loved the second shelf and, of course, the price tag.

I tested it and the ladybug magnet stuck - so it's brass (**OOPs - the magnet sticking means it's brass plated). I dediced brass isn't so bad and decided to keep it. Plus, the 60's styling and brass features match the coffee table in the living room (that I still need to refinish.)

Here it is, all cleaned up (with Brasso). The bottom shelf is shiny - not sure where those strange shadows came from. I guess I forgot to put some tea in this cup when I styled my pic! I would have showed you where it will be but here is the current state of my living room. Time for a color change...