I was tempted to title this post The Real Upstate NY, but everything is relative. If you live in NYC I guess the Catskills would seem like upstate. The last few days I've been in Central NY, where I grew up. First stop was Clinton, NY - a cute village that is home to Hamilton College. Love these doors!

Isn't this an interesting house? The red really highlights the terrific trim detailing.

This may look like a farm but it's home to Tired Iron Auto Repair in Sauquoit, NY. This is where we buy our used Saabs and have them serviced. Yes, it is absolutely worth the 6 1/2 hour drive to have our cars taken care of by Claude Hutchings - he's the best! Check out this beautiful view. Not many auto shops can offer this!
Here's a view into the shop. Not only do they sell and repair Saabs, he and his son race them. But, I digress... back to design. I also had a chance to stay in Skaneateles, NY where I found this gorgeous home! This one could rival my dream seaside cottage (right border of the blog)

This home has the best of both worlds, situated in the village, it also it right on the lake.

How cute is this boat house? It looks like it's flying an Irish flag.

A bakery in town. They've made a living wreath out of red impatiens.

A very impressive house right in town.
Love the doorway to this house with its unique arch trim.

I've got more to post soon from my trip, including some pics from Wolfe Island, Canada. I was only gone 5 days but somehow managed to fit in alot!

I'd also like to say thank you to Yancy of Designing Life. I was the lucky winner of her second giveaway. I can't tell you the number of times I almost bought a bird figurine like this one. Thank you Yancy! Yancy is based in Miami and is studying architecture. Be sure to check out her blog.