I'm stuck in paint purgatory. I can't seem to make a decision. Paint is so tricky, and in this case, I'm repainting most of my downstairs and some of my upstairs, so I'm trying to be smart about it. Ah, the joys of "open floorplans."
I like my house. I really do. But being able to see from one room to the next poses certain decorating challenges. Would I prefer a house that has separate finite rooms? Yes. Is that going to happen? No. So, I need to work with what I've got. And I've got a lot of wall space.

After almost four years of living here, we're finally getting around to painting these walls. The previous color isn't offensive. In fact, what I choose will probably resemble it. I've got to go neutral, and I tend to lean toward warmer tones as opposed to cooler ones. I know beige can be boring, but when the same color is in the entry hall, family room, kitchen and upstairs hallway, bold color is not really an option.
So, now I'm surrounded by swatches and tiny bottles of Benjamin Moore sample paint. 
So, do I go with Interlude?

Or Kangaroo?

Then, there's always Shaker Beige.

I would like to go a little lighter, but my husband is worried it won't be warm enough. New Orleans interior designer Gerrie Bremermann loves a color called Papaya, and I must say I'm liking it too.
But it is a little light.

This is kind of what I'm going for . . . it's Farrow and Ball's "Biscuit" (according to House Beautiful). So, I looked on F&B's website and there is no such color listed. Agghhhh. Plus, I'm not sure where I'd even find Farrow and Ball paint anyway.

Now, I'm more confused than ever.

Does anyone have a "go-to" warm neutral that's not too pink, not too gray and not too green? I'm getting desperate.

Sources: MIL and House Beautiful