I had an hour to kill between a meeting and picking up my son at noon, so what's a girl to do when the Flea Market is free on Fridays? Plus, the weather was beautiful, whereas tomorrow tornadoes are threatening. So, off I went. At a breakneck pace, I might add.

Here's what I spied in my hour at the Flea Market at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds:
I loved the Chinese Chippendale details on this and the X base. Would be great as a sofa table and painted with a lacquer finish. At $165, it was a little pricey for the flea market, but overall a great piece for the money. 

These had no price on them, and I couldn't find the owner, but I was drawn to their unique shape, and the fact that there were two of them. Very fun.

I have no idea where I would put this peacock (or fan back or throne) chair, but it was only $10. I would obviously paint it some fabulous color. Oh, wait it could go in the corner of my bedroom. Hmm. May have to go back.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but this huge, metal "P" had great chipped paint and a very industrial vibe. It would look cool in Pierce's room, and for $25 the price was right. The only problem, there was no huge "M" for Meg. And believe me, she would notice that her brother got a gigantic letter and she didn't (whether or not she really wanted one is beside the point). To get an idea of how big it was, my big toe is in the lower right corner.

I just liked the lines on these bedside tables and the gray color was nice. Anytime you can have a drawer and a shelf on a bedside table it's a bonus. He was asking $150 for the pair, but I'm sure he would have come down a little.

Just thought this was a cool little side table, especially for a screened-in porch. No price, but I would imagine it was cheap.

Six bentwood chairs (one of which had a broken seat) - $5 each!! I didn't really need these, but I thought they would look great painted black (or your favorite color).

The upholstery on this chair was not great, but it was sturdy and a pretty feminine shape. At only $15, I was tempted, but reminded myself it would cost a lot to reupholster (especially with the curved back).

This could have been the deal of the day. I swear the guy was selling these four rattan chairs and table base (with no glass) for $15! Unless I misunderstood him, which is possible. I think he was just trying to get rid of them. The chair backs reminded me of tennis rackets, otherwise I may have just bought them on principle although I doubt they would have fit in my car. 

Once again, these club chairs would need to be reupholstered (unless mauve is your color), but they had nice clean lines and were pretty comfortable. At $30 each, I thought the price was right until I considered the price of reupholstering two chairs. I really need to learn to upholster!

And lastly, this is the piece that went home with me. A Syroco-style sunburst clock for $10. I plan on changing the clock to a mirror. I got the idea from A Perfect Gray and Caitlin Creer's blogs who did the same thing with a sunburst clock. Check out their finished products. Hopefully, I can achieve the same results.

So, do you think there are any treasures in the bunch?