I'll try to be as brusque with him as possible. Confused by this statement? Let me explain. Tom Scheerer is a renowned interior designer whose work I've long admired.
So, imagine my delight when I realized a home he designed in Maine was featured in the new House Beautiful. The room above is not in the home featured in HB; I found it on Scheerer's website (I was too lazy to scan in photos). However, this very same sofa and rug are in the Maine house. Same homeowners maybe?

Anyway, of course, I soak in the photos but then I go back and actually read the interview. I like to see what motivates and inspires the designer . . . their thought process. I got some of that, plus a little insult as well. As the writer was asking Scheerer about designing a house in Maine, he posed the question, "Are Mainers straightforward to the point of bluntness?" 

Here was Scheerer's response: "They can be a little brusque. It's easier when people are brusque." He could have left it at that, but felt the need to add, "I prefer it to that Southern thing that drives me crazy - everybody being nice to each other all the time. Takes too long. There's not enough time in the day."

Hmm. Guess I've been wasting my time being nice to people all the time. That explains it. I guess I should just take a cue from Mr. Scheerer and save myself some precious minutes. Being rude is SO much quicker apparently. Thanks for that valuable gem, Tom. Sorry to vent, guess I'm just a sensitive Southerner.