Today was just your typical Thursday. I put my daughter on the school bus, dropped my son off at preschool, then headed out to run some errands when a glorious thought popped into my head . . . I don't have anything that has to get done today. Most my big items had been checked off my to-do list yesterday. I only had one appointment at 1 p.m.

So, what did I do with my free time? What I always do when I have a couple of hours to myself - I shopped, but specifically I went poking around a thrift store, consignment shop and antique mall. Oh yes, it was heaven for me.

My first stop: The Habitat for Humanity store.
This greeted me when I walked in the door. I wasn't sure if I liked it or not at first, but it grew on me as I walked around. Yes, it's blue and it's laminate. But, it's also really cool. It was marked down to about $95. The color is actually darker than the peacock blue it appears to be in the photo.

This sofa may not look that spectacular but the nubby creamy upholstery was attractive and in good condition. The pillows even felt like down. And I love the clean lines. The best part . . . it was $55 (unless it was a misprint, which I don't think it was)! If I had a place to put this I would have taken it home. Throw some fun pillows on it and you're done.

This was a nice side table made by Drexel Heritage. Too big for me or any of my needs, but a nice-looking piece. Would look great painted or as is. And for $37, it was a very good deal.

And a couple of simple side/accent tables that would look great with or without a coat of paint.

I love the shape of this china cabinet from Drexel Heritage. The finish wasn't that appealing, but I think this would look fabulous painted black to make the brass hardware really pop. Then I would paint the inside of the shelves a contrasting color. My favorite part was the shape of the metal grate on the glass doors:
Once again, I don't have the room for this, and at $700+ it was a little pricey for me.

Next stop: Estelle's Consignment Shop.
Loved this Jenny Lind bed. One day, my daughter would like to have a double bed (as opposed to her current twin beds). So, I'm always on the lookout. Painted white or a fun color, I think this bed's shape would really shine, but the natural wood was beautiful as well.

I've been seeing a lot of rattan lately, and this was a really good-looking set. I could totally picture it on my screened-in porch. I would paint it navy or possibly a peacock blue, change the smoky glass to clear and the cushions to something crisp maybe a stripe. Although, it has brass casters. Can you put this on a screened porch where it could be exposed to the elements? However, for the price, I would give it a try - it's $249 for the table and chairs. Great deal!

And this table is $150. I love the finish and the shape. More food for thought.

Final stop: the Downtown Antique Mall - which I had never stepped foot in before today. Didn't even know it existed. Glad I found it. All kinds of cool stuff . . . 
Looks inviting, right? I walked in, and it was totally deserted. At first, I was a little creeped out. I couldn't even find anybody working there, but the doors were wide open. I could have robbed them blind, but I'm an honest person most of the time. I forged on and here are some of my finds . . . 

Very unique glass bamboo lamp - no price.

These French posters have been around a while but I've never seen one with a peacock. Love the colors. The clowns to the right frightened me.

A pair of yellow wrought iron chairs for $85. Very cute. These could go on my porch too.

Gotta love a bentwood chair. 

About this time, my camera battery died so the rest of these photos are with my iPhone, so the quality is not great. Sorry.
Industrial cart. Don't know why, just liked it.

Spied a bunch of cool lamps . . .

Okay, so this is peach, but according to Jenny from My Favorite and My Best, peach is the "it" color now.  I'm digging the brass Greek key detail at the bottom, and the delicate flowers are so pretty.

It's hard to tell from this photo, but the colors in this artwork are really striking. And the scale is impressive.

Lots of brass accents. I'm starting to feel like Kelly Wearstler. Well, not exactly.
 I like this little fella. Not sure if he's a peacock or what. But he's got style. And according to the neon sticky note, he's only $35.

Nautilus shells. Just because.

A brass garden seat. Very cool.

But the one that went home with me . . .
was this little table/umbrella stand (you can flip it over). I'm pretty sure I'm just going to use it as a table and not an umbrella stand. The hardware, shape and nailheads sold me. And for $20, I was all over it. Although I need to find out how to clean up rusty nailheads. Any ideas? Or maybe I should just leave em rusty?

So, what do you think? Any treasures in the bunch?