I have just returned from a business trip and don't have the spirit yet to write about design. My mind is on Marija of Holding Court. I am heartbroken for her husband, her children and all her family and friends. There have been beautiful tributes to Maria in the blog world and I want this post of rememberance to always be a part of this blog.

We only met last month. Within the first half-hour I had invited her to my home in September and she had accepted. We laughed, shared stories and agreed on so much. How can only 7 hours of time together and a month of emailing create such a deep impression?

I am left with one conclusion: some people, by their very nature, are more. They are greater in joy, brighter in intellect, bigger in spirit, and filled more with love. Marija was one of those people.

I have also found that these most gifted of people are the most humble; the least aware of their excellence; the most generous with their wit and humor; the most capable of making you feel good and valued just by being around them. They live optimistically and with abundance, freely sharing their goodness. Marija was very gifted in all these ways.


(Marija's husband has written a beautiful piece about his wife here. Donations in Marija's name can be made to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.)