Am I crazy to ask this question? Will I lose readers just at the thought of a squished fly on a swatter? (expecially since my friend Lisa reminded me a rolled up newspaper works great and can be thrown out.)
Well, I do have a fly swatter courtesy of attending a really fun wedding at a farm in central New York. As you can see, the handle notes the wedding date.
It came with a cute and creative poem -
Mike and Adrienne wanted to get married on a farm because of the memories and all the country charm. They were worried the flies would annoy their guests so use this fly swatter to put a few to rest!
(p.s. the marks on the poem sticker are not from flies!)

In the D.C. area, flies really aren't a problem and we rarely have them. My fly swatter is tucked away in a hidden area - typically used only when a wasp or bee somehow finds its way in.

As a kid we had a fly swatter hanging up in discrete area off our kitchen. We had no air conditioning and alot of flies that were quite crafty at flying in when we were going in or out the door. Although instead of the swatter we much preferred the entertainment of watching my Dad catch flies in mid-air with his hands!

Here's a Daisy fly swatter from etsy - here.
This etsy Flip-flop fly swatter is fun. The fly is fake. ( here)

So, was this question too crazy or is there a fly swatter somewhere in your house, on your porch or cabin in the woods? Note: no actual flies were harmed in the making of this post.