Does anyone remember this house?
It's a Kelly Wearstler designed abode from the August 2004 House Beautiful. I would so love for my staircase to look like this. This image has stuck with me for years. I tried to find it in my inspiration files, but I ran out of time and patience (my files are not very organized). That's why I love the internet. Inspiration at your fingertips.

Some other images from the same article:

This was classic "Hollywood Regency" Kelly Wearstler before she abandoned the look and evolved into her more - how shall I say - schizophrenic look. 

I know I'm probably just unsophisticated, but there's a lot here I just don't "get." Maybe in six years it will all become clear, and by then she will have moved on to some other great design scheme. Or maybe I'm just a hopeless fan of her old stuff.

Oh, how I long for the old Kelly. How about you?

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