I thought about titling this post "It's Greek To Me" or "My Big Fat Greek Key Obsession" or some other corny clever take on Greek key, but I figured those had all been done before. So, instead, I googled the term Greek key (my form of in-depth research) and found that it is known as a meander (in artistic/archaeological terms) which means a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. Since my mind and, consequently, my blog posts sometimes meander, I thought this was the perfect title. Okay, now on to Greek key designs.  Are they over done? Can we ever have enough? I hope not, because I still love them. Exhibit A:
some Greek key trim I bought this weekend to dress up a simple white bed skirt I got at Bed, Bath & Beyond. My husband asked me what happens when Greek key goes out of style?? Can you believe that blasphemy. I didn't even answer him.

Exhibit B (and C): On Sunday, I returned to the Flea Market (I had gone on Friday with ModFruGal, got nothing, but then obsessed over one item until I had to return. It was gone. Boo.) and bought a few accessories - two of which had Greek key on them.
Do you see it?
See the tiny one at the bottom of the lighter? Not sure why I bought a lighter . . . I do not and never have smoked, but I do light candles. Of course, it doesn't work anyway. Okay, I just thought it was cool and cheap. I bought it and that onyx cube for $5. And you know I can't resist a little Asian ginger jar. It was only $3.

And, of course, there's the faux bamboo Greek key mirror I've had for a while . . .
Are you as crazy about the key as I am? Or am I just some sad Greek-obsessed nut?