Okay, so I have this antique booth and technically when I'm out at the flea market or estate sales or thrift stores, I'm supposed to be shopping for the booth. But honestly, things haven't been moving too quickly at the old booth lately, so what's a girl to do when she spots a really cool mirror at the flea market?
Please excuse my goofy expression. I tend to purse my lips and frown while concentrating. Not one of my best traits.
Um, keep it, of course. Especially when I have the perfect spot for it (this is my mantra even when my house is chocked full). I had to do some engineering on the back, but I think it looks great here. And I think I'm going to leave it white/cream. I thought about gold-leafing it, but I've got a lot of brass/gold going on in the room so I'm going to leave well enough alone. Of course, I've had plans to paint this ugly built-in black for some time now . . . and this clinches it. 

You see this is a problem spot in my house. My circa-1997 house builder decided it was a nifty idea to have this built-in niche to hold a television. The problem? Most of today's flatscreens are too wide for this space, and a small TV would just not do for my husband. Thus, we have this situation at the back of the built-in . . .
Yes, I realize these could be relocated by an electrician, but then the wall would have to be patched and repainted, and it's just too much for my feeble brain to handle. So instead, what do I do? Try to cosmetically hide the cable wire and outlet. Here's how it used to look (up until Sunday) . . . 
Too much, I know. This was actually a day I was moving accessories around.
So, doesn't that space just scream out for the Greek Key bamboo mirror? I thought so too!

I also found a pair of yellow mid-century lamps at the flea market that I will reveal at a later date. They need some TLC.

Finally, and totally off the subject, but did you know Worlds Away has a blog? Well, they do. And when I stumbled across it the other day, I left a comment telling them about the Worlds Away chandelier in my dining room, and they were nice enough to share it on their blog. So nice! Thanks, Worlds Away. I love practically every item you've ever produced, so this is quite an honor.