So, what is Pug's might you ask? Well, I've talked about it before but I just referred to it as the generic "junk shop" where I found my Mastercraft credenza. I also mentioned it in a guest post I did about where/how to find deals in Nashville for Style Blueprint. Technically, it's called Pug's Corner, and it sits at the corner of two busy streets (Old Hickory and Charlotte) on the west side of Nashville.
Sorry, this is an old photo I grabbed off the Internet.
Part motorcycle shop, part junk shop, Pug's starts setting its wares out on the sidewalk as the weather turns warmer (they buy out estate sales). This is where my eagle eye comes in as I have to pass the shop on my way to Target. Last Friday as I was stopping at the light, I spied a table that looked vaguely Moroccan in shape. I knew I had to go by after my Target run. Here's what I got . . .
I've been wanting a little Moroccan-inspired side table for a while, but have never run across one at a good price. This one was $10 - sold! 
Now, of course, it wasn't in great shape and had lots of scrapes/dings and a few missing pieces of veneer, but I figured some paint could disguise its flaws. The top was pretty interesting too . . . an etched tile. This was after I cleaned it. I decided I could paint it too. The bottom of the table is stamped "Drexel" so I thought that was a good sign!

I had some leftover Rustoleum "Night Tide" and thought that might add a nice bit of color to our living room . . . 
It needs a couple of more coats, but I'm really liking the color. 

My other Pug's find was an upholstered bench . . . 
I just couldn't resist as it was just $10 too! I'm planning on putting this at the end of my bed (reupholstered, of course). Now, I just have to find the perfect fabric (the fun part)!
Yes, I did have two benches at the end of my bed, but I've moved them into my living room under my Parson's sofa table where I think they look quite nice. 
Spring is often a great time to find some gems as people are "spring cleaning" . . . one man's trash. Have you found any treasures lately?