If you're like me, I start noticing patterns in things. It starts out in subtle ways. At first, it's just a spread in a magazine that I think is pretty, then next thing I know, every photo I'm pinning on Pinterest has similar details. The brain works in mysterious ways. The most recent incarnation of this phenomenon is my seeming obsession with the color combination of pink (or blush or some variation) and gold. Why? I have no idea. I think it started with this photo in the new issue of House Beautiful:
Sorry, I snapped this photo with my phone as it's not online yet. The pink and gold chair and the chandelier piqued my interest for some reason - I don't know why. This is not even particularly my style - it's a little formal, and dare I say, frou-frou for me. But I do love a little unexpected aged, gilded piece of French furniture here and there. I think the soft, subtle color combo is so nice. And to really drive the point home, here are some of my latest pins:

Then, of course, I was out yesterday and spied my own little piece of pink and gold loveliness . . .

Isn't it pretty? Love the faded time-worn needlepoint. And, of course, it is pink and gold. How about you? Are you drawn to a certain color scheme lately?