Oh, how I love some drama. Not the soap opera variety but the interior/fashion kind. If you've ever met me, you know I'm pretty laid back and not prone to drama in my relationships. However, I love showstopping rooms and outfits. While perusing some magazines and catalogs this weekend, a couple of things stopped me in my tracks. First, this small stairwell designed by Ruthie Sommers in the new Veranda . . .
Sorry for the quality of the photo. I snapped it with my phone. Veranda needs to post more photos online like some other shelter magazines. 

I don't always pick up Veranda, but a quick scan of the magazine in the grocery aisle brought me to this home designed by Sommers. Sold. Black lacquered walls, graphic Chinoiserie fabric-covered doors, abstract art. What's not to love?

Next, Anthropologie's catalog never disappoints. While I wouldn't always choose every outfit for myself, their styling inspires fantasy-filled escapism. November's whimsical winter wonderland theme was no different, and this dress blew me away . . . 
Does it really matter that I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress?? Reality is no fun sometimes. Why can't I just wander through an enchanted forest where bunnies and masked children frolic while I rock a bedazzled dress without a coat (sans the birdsnest hairdo) before returning to my dazzling, colorful home decorated by Ruthie Sommers?

Okay, I'm off to get my oil changed. Happy Monday.