Black has always been a classic decorating choice, but now it's starting to creep into the mainstream as a wall color.

So, it's no surprise that I've been coveting a dark, cozy room of my own. Oh, of course, my tornado room is a dark blue (Hague Blue color match), but I'm thinking of taking the plunge and painting my small guest room black and making it into an office as well. Since I cleaned out the closets upstairs recently, I realized there's a lot of underutilized real estate in the guest room closet . . . the perfect spot for my magazine hoarding problem collection and fabric samples.

Since I typically sit on my sofa or at my kitchen table to do my computer work, my hope is to carve out a space where I can work/blog without the distractions of my downstairs creeping in (TV and kitchen). Also, I really want to paint my guest room because it's currently a lime green that I'm not very fond of (I never was, honestly), and we recently painted my son's room next door a different shade of green. I don't want my upstairs to go all Kermit the frog. Anyway, here's what my guest room currently looks like:
Well, it currently doesn't look like this because I've already moved the daybed to the shorter wall just to the left of the door and thrown some paint swatches on the wall. But, it looked like this until Saturday when I made this plan. I can be impulsive like that. Here's my design board for the room:
I already have all the items in the room except for the curtains and rug (okay, and the garden seat), and I snatched up that lucite chandelier last night on eBay for a really good price - can't wait till it arrives. You see, I just sold a table and chairs on Craigslist last night that covered the price of the chandelier. This is how I justify these things. I'm crazy, I know. The rug is one of the Beni knock-offs from World Market, and the curtains are just white linen/cotton from West Elm. I already have the chairs but the Brno is currently black so it would need some new upholstery. 

So, what do you think? Are you feeling the black?