I met up with my friend Arrione (and her son Miller) for lunch the other day in a part of town I don't usually frequent. So, of course, a little treasure hunting was in order. Before I met them, I hit a tiny little store that sells the contents of abandoned storage lockers a la Storage Wars (does anyone watch that show? I did for a while, but got tired of it after a bit). Anyway, about 98% of the stuff in this shop was true junk that I would have abandoned too, but this amazing Drexel Chinese Modern set made the visit worth my while . . .
Are you kidding me with those Greek key pulls? Have you ever seen such in all your life? I almost bought them right then and there for the pulls alone, but my husband frowns upon me buying stuff for the hell of it when I have no real place to put it. Hoarding cannot be far behind if that starts. Of course the finish was in terrible shape, but that's an easy fix with a paint job. It's things like this that make me want to get into the furniture-selling business. If you hire me to shop/decorate for you, these lovelies could be yours . . . just sayin'.

After lunch we hit Hobby Lobby (I know, don't get too excited) so Arrione could pick up some cellophane gift bags for a birthday party. I was surprised to find quite a few things that didn't have fringe or feathers on them . . . 
First, some classic white lamps with linen shades. Can't go wrong with these. Half price.

Some mirrors that were half price. Come to think of it, most of the store was half off.

A nice, cozy chunky throw for the fall/winter months ahead.

Buffalo check is having a major moment right now.

Some cute, cheap fabric to update your decor.

As we parted ways (her 3-year-old was over the shopping by this point), I hit up the Goodwill next door where I snagged an $8 Chiavari chair . . .
If you've ever been to a wedding and/or banquet, chances are you've sat on one of these chairs before. Design Sponge did a great little history of the Chiavari chair a while back if you want to read up on them. I just like that they're sturdy little chairs that you can pull up anywhere. I plan on painting mine a fun color and sticking it in my black office for some contrast. 

Next, I hit a little antique mall before having to head back towards home. I'll leave you with some of the goodies I found there . . . 
A wicker, faux bamboo, campaign-style lingerie chest. Wow, that's a lot of styles coming together. Would be great storage anywhere. And could be really cute as-is or painted a bright color.

Great, sculptural piece of driftwood. Nature's art.

Sexy black lamp with white linen shade. Classic.

Love the gold detailing on this black lamp. Have no idea what it is, but I like it.

Pretty little bowl to set on entry chest or vanity to hold your goodies.

The shape of these candlestick holders was so unique - very art deco.

Yes, it's another Asian panel, but with vivid peacocks I thought this one warranted a second look.

There were a pair of these Italian gilt shelves. Elegance.

There were also a pair of these mid-century modern lamps. Great, simple shape would work anywhere.

So, that concludes my latest treasure hunt. Did you see anything you couldn't live without? If you'd ever like help finding those special pieces for your home, please contact me!