This weekend I painted the green guest room black. I'm not the best painter, and it seems to take me forever. Especially when I take numerous breaks to attend soccer games, police play dates, run out to estate sales, attend birthday parties and feed and spend time with my family. So, the painter's tape is still up, the furniture is in the middle of the room and the outlet covers are still off, but otherwise I think I'm done.
Here's how it looks in its current state of disarray. That's a huge glare on the wall from the light and windows. I can already tell it's going to be difficult to get a decent photo in here. Oh well. But, I love it. It's so enveloping and dramatic. And the black just recedes. I must tell you it's tricky and a bit creepy to use black paint . . . I kept have horror film flashbacks.

Oh, and that estate sale I mentioned, I swung by there on Saturday and snagged a couple of credenzas/cabinets at a great price (it sometimes pays to wait out an estate sale and go on the last day when everything is half off, then go back in the last hour when they take another discount). I thought one of these would be great in my new black office as storage . . . 
I love the medallion detail on the front of the cabinet doors. And, while they're in good shape structurally, they are stained and chipped with the creamy fly-specked paint looking rather dingy (I didn't take close-up shots, but trust me). So, they need a fresh coat of paint of warm white paint. Don't worry, I'm keep the medallions gold, but even those could use some touching up.
I wish I could use them both in my office, but I don't think they'll fit. But, I'm sure I can find a place for the other one. And as my friend Brandy (Chateau a Gogo) implored me to buy both and not break up a pair, I think she's right.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Did you get any weekend projects checked off your list?