Get it? Arrows, quiver? Okay, so it's lame. I blogged a little while back about a recent obsession I have with arrows. You can check that post out here. So, what should I find on Craigslist the other day, but these beauties . . .
A pair of mid-century neoclassical style brass sconces. They are in need of some love as they've been stored in a barn (there are lots of barns around here), but I just love them. In fact, I'm scheduled to go see/get them tomorrow. The problem? My husband. He doesn't think I/we need them. Need? Of course, we don't need them. When is "need" really relevant in the realm of decorating? We're dealing in a land of wants here, aren't we? Wow. I sound very materialistic and shallow now, I realize. And I swear I'm not. Most of the time.

So, please, dear readers, help me make my "point" to my husband. These are cool, right? And my 40th birthday is next month. Just saying.