For some people, traditional = boring. Blah. It's often hard to define traditional in terms of interior design. Attitudes change. Tastes change. I must admit, in the past, I've had less than favorable impressions of what's considered "traditional" decor. However, that might be changing a bit. Why, you ask? Well, it started with this month's issue of Traditional Home. I don't subscribe to TH, but my sister does and when she texted me this photo from this month's issue, it prompted me to buy it off the newsstand yesterday.
My love for sputnik chandeliers is no secret, so I wanted to see more. Here are some more shots from that home in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood . . .

But the feature that really got to me was the Hollywood home shared by designer Joe Lucas (co-owner of the shop Harbinger) and his partner David Heikka, a visual concept guru for Juicy Couture. 

Isn't it fab?

And there were two other features I found interesting too . . . a home designed by Jamie Herzlinger and one by Andrew Howard, son of Phoebe and James Howard. 

Now, is this traditional design? Or a variation thereof? In the April issue of House Beautiful, the theme was "The Best Traditional Style Now," and Editor Newell Turner wrote that "traditional may be the most misunderstood and misused word in our design vocabulary." I'm starting to agree. He asserts that "traditional is really about the way a room is conceived and put together . . . using ideas and solutions developed over time - it's the sum of all parts." I'm not sure if that clears it up or makes it more confusing. All I know is that I hate labels. I like what I like, often with no rhyme or reason. So, from now on, I'm going to have more of an open mind about things deemed "traditional" and just go with what feels right. How about you?

Oh, and a little off topic, but I did get the arrow sconces on Friday . . . thanks for all your support on that front. 

They're a little battered and bruised, but I've been working on shining them up. I just love their unique shape. Still haven't decided where they'll live, but that's always the fun part.