I'm very pleased to feature interior designer Paul Corrie in my new ongoing series on DC Designers. I first saw Paul's work at the 2008 DC Design House, where he turned a bland lower level hallway into a rich and highly textured art space, featuring carved canoe pieces from New Guinea alongside a 19c french walnut side table. I particularly remember the very well done lighting scheme. (check out the hallway featured in Washington Spaces here) These images with permission from Paul's site - Paul Corrie Interiors - all photography by Michael Crosset of District Creative.
Restrained, elegant, intriguing - just a few adjectives that come to mind when I look at the above living room and this multi-purpose dining/reading space. Love the use of the wall lanterns. A great reminder of what a well placed, over-sized mirror can do.
Wish I could enlarge this photo - it's one of my favorites.
Notice the marble divider on this countertop by the sink - I rather like that idea. The bridge goose faucet is pretty nice too!
Simple shelves elevated in status by the accent pieces and the restraint shown in the arrangement below.

Love, love this dining room. Isn't the patina on this table gorgeous?

Perfect choice for a light fixture in the dining area in the background of the photo. Really like the metal leg feature on this couch.

I always appreciate it when a designer highlights close-ups of the details of their work. You gain a sense of the quality of the pieces they select and the attention to detail. The pale grey of the shade is lovely.
Seriously like these sconces - especially paired with the brown shades.
For more examples - do check out the site of this talented designer.