The artwork really drew me into this room. As you may already know it is eglomise - a french term meaning glass gilded. Per Wikipedia, it's a "process where the backside of the glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf using a gelatin adhesive. The result is a mirror-like, reflective finish in which designs are then engraved." I think I am more familiar with the poorer cousin version - such as Budweiser mirrors on dormroom walls. Love these striking purple and coral green designs from Soicher Marin (Designer Amanda Nisbet, photography by John Bessler, Traditional Home March 2009)

Modello Designs offers a class called Elegant Inspirations where they teach mirror patination with pattern, glass etching, gilding and reverse painting. The gorgeous image above is via Design Amour, the artist is Regina Guray of Garay Artisans.
image above via Garay Artisans -

image via Design Amour, artist Melanie Royal. Eglomise can also be found in accent pieces and furniture. Here are just a few.

image from 1st Dibs, Mirrored Lantern from C Bell
image from 1st Dibs, Eglomise Chest, Modern One

image from 1st Dibs, sconces, Heather and Company Inc.
image from Mecox Gardens Dallas
My hasty search for eglomise at lower price points didn't yield much (besides small items such as coasters, boxes, etc.) Would love to know if anyone knows of other sources of it - especially framed pieces for a wall.