During spring break I needed a good book for the beach so I bought The Southern Cosmopolitan by Susan Sully. It has a gorgeous book cover (below) but I'm favoring it sans cover with a little gold seahorse resting upon it. Right now it's on a table in my family room serving as eye candy.
The Way We Live - to be released in a few days - also has a cover that really draws me in. The photography is by the late Gilles de Chabaneix.
Here's another Rizzoli publication that won't be out until the fall. Beautiful cover!
Came across this book and thought this was also a succesful image for the cover. Love the bleached wood panelled walls, modern couch and the french furniture.
Interiors by Design first came out in hardback in 2003. The room featured in the 2008 paperback release cover is different. I like the 2008 cover best. I've read this book and at its current price of $19.95 recommend it. The author, Ros Byam Shaw, is a former features editor of World of Interiors.
Here's the 2003 Hardcover edition.
I've recently ordered another one of her books, Old House New Home. In this case, I like the old hardcover a bit more.

Above is the hardcover edition. Below is the paperback version with a different cover.
Now the only problem with the paperback version is you can't peel off the cover and enjoy the color underneath. What's a favorite book cover of yours? Do you sometimes like the color under the cover better?