Let's just say I got a few concerned gazes from people as I held my camera inches from these door knockers. I'm happy that no one opened up the door while I was snapping shots - or on second thought that would have given me a chance to say, "I'm a blogger and was wondering if you wouldn't mind me doing an impromptu photo shoot of your gorgeous house...?"

A door in the French quarter.
Charleston is full of wonderful gates and hidden side gardens everywhere you turn.

Above is one of my favorite houses. You can see the garage off to the right. Take a close look at the picture below - it's an interior close-up of the garage.

My picture only shows 2 but there were 3 wall mounted tables with the metal branches w/birds and candle votives. What a garage interior!!

Love this conservatory.

A gated path that connects King Street and Archdale Street. It brings you into the churchyard of the Unitarian Universalist Church.
Formal gardens.

Love the pig featured on the plaque above the fountain.

In the foreground is the graveyard from the Unitarian Universalist Church on Archdale St. Our carriage ride guide pointed out its free-flowing garden is purposefully wild so the departed can be closer to nature. Contrast that with the St. John's Lutheran church next door's tidy, mowed graveyard in the background of the photo. Below is a Fairy House - this caught the attention of many passerbys.

Have a great weekend. Hoping yours is sunny!