I was temporarily in "Blogger Prison". I returned home from Charleston Saturday night with my trusty camera full of great pics only to discover that Blogger had flagged my blog as a potential spam blog and blocked access to it. I guess the automated classifier program somehow indicated my blog was a risk. Fortunately they have a process that allows your case to be reviewed - thus my release!(thank you Blogger) One lesson learned though - if your blog is blocked and you don't request a review within 20 days it will be deleted. So if you're leaving on a 20 plus day vacation be sure to check on your blog. Now back to happier news - beautiful Charleston! Today's post is curbside eye candy from Charleston. Having never been before, I have to say I was so impressed. Later in the week I'll do a post focusing on the gardens and doors but here are some of the homes I loved. I adore the home above and the topiaries on the balcony.

Note the mail in the mail slot - was a real reminder to me that people live their daily lives in these gorgeous homes.

A pool tucked behind a garden gate.

So cute! More tomorrow from the wonderful store Elizabeth Stuart Design.