One of the Craigslist items I was interested in worked out. I'm now the proud owner of a $25 Parson's-style console table.
Doesn't it resemble one Kelly Wearstler used in this interior? I still need some X benches to go under the table.
I love it and think it's the perfect style to reside behind my sofa. However, I'm not sure about the laminate finish. From far away, it looks nice and has a nice burled wood effect. Close-up, well, it looks like this . . . 
It's got that textured 70's effect. Hmm. Not so sure. Some people think it looks fine as it is. I agree to some extent, but I always thought I wanted a grasscloth covered console table. Once again, that brings up issues. For one thing, my sofa has fabric that resembles grasscloth. Plus, there is already a lot of brown in this room. I need some contrast. 

Then, I had a brainwave. Maybe colored grasscloth?

Not necessarily black, but maybe a saturated blue? I've run across a few online. Some are quite pricey.

Or maybe some faux crocodile?

Or, I could always paint it. Oh, decisions. Any suggestions? Are you digging the current laminate or do you think a makeover is in order?