It's always great fun when a business trip can include a wonderful design-focused diversion. A few weeks ago I was in San Francisco for work and was very happy to have a chance to meet Grant Gibson and Scot Meacham Wood. As a long time fan of their work and their blogs, I really appreciated their willingness to take time out of their day to meet-up at Sue Fisher King and then on to a cafe for coffee and conversation. Charming, funny, interesting and a great pleasure to talk with - it was the highlight of my trip. Thanks Grant and Scot!
Sue Fisher King seems to top everyone's list for a must-visit while in San Francisco. Grant mentioned it in his piece in Rue magazine and the store has an impressive and beautifully selected range of linens, towels, bedding and other wonderful home accessories. I don't think I've ever seen a wider selection of cashmere throws in one place.

Genius packaging.
Love this fresh, light table setting. Some people are sticklers for white candles, but colored candles, like these blue ones, are really beautiful here.
Outside there's a display of Lavastone tables and samples of the range of saturated color options for both tabletops and counters.
This was my 4th trip to San Francisco but my first trip to Sue Fisher King. I really missed out those other 3 times!