For some reason I didn't equate Scott Antique Markets with original furniture design and was happily surprised to find out how wrong I was. Above is a console table designed and built by Ken Bizzell (404.771.9245, kbiz1 (at) To me it's the perfect balance of industrial edge, clean lines and a creative twist with the tall height of the top made from barn tin. This design is also available in a matching side and coffee table.
Ken fabricates the hip base of this round coffee table with steel, circle-cut. So love this.
More clean lined pieces. This ottoman is available in a natural fabric too. Also love the demilune pieces in the back
A lamp base with a beautiful blue-green patina.
Tony McCray of Rust in Peace, (404.944.5533) is the designer behind these fabulous repurposed pieces. All make a unique statement, just one (or two, in the case of the mirror stands) could boost the whole look of a room.
Last summer I posted about the amazing zinc topped tables Dave Lennard (941.232.2925) creates (go here to see more). He also had a large selection of mounted goat skulls.Here's one of Dave's salvaged wood coffee tables with alot of great character.This is a close-up - but not of the wood piece you just saw. This one is concrete! - fabricated from the top surface of Dave's piece by Richard Taylor of Flat Earth Designs (to-the-trade and at Round Top)
I'll be doing a whole post on more of Richard's work next week. In the meantime, you can check out last year's post It's Not Leather, It's Concrete! See the theme here...

A pastor by day, Brewster McLeod of Lexington, KY (859.552.0304, stainlesssteel111 (at) creates amazing sculptural pieces.
This spring is completely balanced - no small feat of engineering. Couldn't you see this as a focal point in a garden?
Another inventive table with a unique base made of salvaged machinery pieces.
Wrapping up with a bit of humor - Brewster's version of a Shade Tree, replete with vintage sun glasses!

All these designers do custom work and are super nice as well - the best combination.